Saving Money on Water Bills

Who is my supplier?

Your water supplier is usually decided by what area you’re living in, the majority of Wolverhampton will be with Severn Trent Water

Which way do you pay?

Do you have a water meter, or do you pay a fixed price every year? Depending on your household one method might be cheaper than the other.


  • Pick up some free water-saving gadgets

    If you’re looking to save water, there are free gadgets available to help you save. Check the Thames Water website, or SaveWaterSaveMoney and enter your postcode to see what you’re entitled to.

  • Don’t waste water

    Take a quick shower instead of a bath, turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth, fix leaking taps… There are plenty of options when it comes to cutting your water consumption. You can find more tips on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Work out how you’re paying

There are two ways you can pay your water bill:

You pay a set price per year – this is called rateable billing. How much you pay depends on your home – you can read more on the United Utilities website.
You have a water meter – this means you pay for the water you use.
If you’re not sure how you pay, take a look at your bill.

Work out if it’s worth switching

If you’re on rateable billing, you can choose to get a water meter instead.

This can be cheaper, but it isn’t always.

To see if it’s right for you, use a water usage calculator.

You can use the calculator on the Consumer Council for Water website.

You’ll just need to estimate a few details about your water use – like how often you flush the loo – and it’ll show how much you could save compared to your current rateable bill.

If your water use changes – perhaps when the kids leave home – you might want to try the calculator again.

Other Discounts

There’s a few different circumstances where you may pay less for water. Having a disability which means you would use more water because of your condition is one of them. You may want to check your supplier’s website for more details.

Big Difference Scheme

Severn Trent are currently running a discount scheme to help people with very little disposable income, if you’re really struggling with your budget you may want to think about this. You’ll need to write out a full budget and have your Severn Trent account number ready. You can find out more information by visiting Citizens Advice or visiting the Big Difference Scheme Page at Severn Trent Trust Fund.