Case Study 1 – KB

KB’s Situation

KB is 22 years old and, as such, is only entitled to Job Seekers Allowance at the reduced rate of
£57.90 per week; this gives her an income of just £250.90 per month. From this, however, a number
of deductions are attached to her benefits leaving her with just £165.80 per month to live on;
fortunately, housing benefit covers her full rent but making ends meet is a struggle. Her relationship
with her family is frail and although they are able to help her in emergencies, on-going emotional
and financial support is missing for KB.


How we helped

KB was referred to BoW initially in July 2015 and has been a client off and on since then. She came back to BoW in late October this year for a Food Bank referral when it became clear to the programme that she is making the hard choice between heating and eating. Her flat is heated by night storage radiators, one of which was no longer working, and her heating bills were very high as she accesses electricity on an expensive pre-payment tariff.

In addition to ensuring access to food, we were able to help her by negotiating the repair of her radiator, an extension to her Council Tax re-payment profile reducing her monthly outgoings and some initial additional credit on her meter, making a charitable application for a desperately needed fridge/freezer,  reducing her annual water bill through the Severn Trent Big Difference Scheme, and advice and support in preparing for a work interview.